Specially ordered iron plate

There is a custom-made iron plate with a thickness of 20 mm in the Sugoroku-an's kitchen.
This iron plate has high heat retention and thermal conductivity is different from other iron plates, so it can be baked carefully.
Such as carefully baked Sugoroku-an's okonomiyaki and modern yaki, Teppan-yaki is a bit different from others! Please appreciate it once.


The inside of the store is kept clean, and we take care to make it a place where women can feel free to come.
The shop, which uses a lot of wood, creates a casual and modern space. Please use it as a restaurant for sightseeing at Arima Onsen.

Arima Japanese Pepper

We prepare a lot of dishes using local specialty "Arima Japanese Pepper" ◎
We arrange udon, soba, steak, okonomiyaki to original flavors, and make flavors that are different from others. Please enjoy the taste of our shop, which is different from other shops.


Yakisoba and ramen noodles offered at our shop are noodles specially made for Sugoroku-an.
Noodles with a firm texture and elasticity are also excellent for eating.
Please enjoy yakisoba and ramen, which are perfect for the last dish for your dine.

Wi-Fi facilities and electronic money can be used
Sugoroku-an is equipped with Wi-Fi so that foreign visitors and tourists can also visit. In addition, electronic money and cashless payment are available. When you come to Arima Onsen, please visit Sugoroku-an. Our shop's appearance is good to instagram spot ◎ For those who posted on Instagram with the hash tag "# Sugoroku-an'', we will offer "Sugoroku Japanese pepper Gyoza'' for each group, so please participate.